The Boat Trip – by Amelia

In April I went on a boat trip with my family. We woke up and got ready. It didn’t take long, we only needed a couple of snacks. Just as we were leaving I reminded Mum that we needed a clock. The last time we stayed up very late. I ran upstairs and grabbed our clock.

We arrived, jumped on the boat and set sale excitedly. We heard some scattering under the boat so .we looked in the bag, found a lime and put it on the clock to try and attract anything, I hid round the corner. There were rats. We tipped the clock and the rats went overboard!

Rat Attack – by Raffy

 Legend speaks of it. The death of a gloomy man on an upset trip across the still lime sea. The gloomy man’s name was Skull. He had an upset Rat which loved clocks as he was an amazing clock lover. Rat excitedly leapt on to poor Skull. Suddenly Skull felt he had a lime on him. Although the lime was falling over board. Then Skull realised the Rat was on him. Skull fainted and fell overboard, luckily water makes people wake up. So Skull woke up with Rat on him. Skull died in a wet way, with Rat…

The Boat Journey – by Florence

On Monday I went on a boat trip with my family. I wore a lime green dress and I put my watch on. The clock face had flowers on it. To get ready took a colossal time. Once we had collected our boat we drove to the river. Excitedly, I got in to the boat. When I was looking around the boat, I saw my old toy rat from when I was little! It took forever to get all of our luggage in to the boat. Once the immense wait was over, we finally set off. On the way my sister had to throw up overboard.

The Final – by Aaron

The players strolled onto the lime green pitch.


And the match is underway. 2 minutes in and Reds have a penalty. Excitedly the taker, doing a weird run-up smashed it overboard of the pitches edge.

“A substantial amount of power mate!” joked the Blues defender. Hazard ,the Blues best player, was starting play, breaking down play, and destroying defenders. Lacazette was just about to score when a rat scurried onto the pitch so the Reds got a free-kick which was hit so hard it clocked the keeper clean out.

“SUB!” 10 ON 12 OFF for the Blues. “GOAL! The clock says full time and Reds have won!

Lena – by Rachel

One day there was a girl called Lena.

She was a beautiful girl, her dad died after her mum.

Lena was helping to clean house. Old lady, said to the whole town “Lena has brown hair, light blue eyes, soft skin and a rough dress.”

Lime in her pocket. Lena was so excited that she ran excitedly. Everybody ran to her and held her up. Then the old man said “Throw her over board to me!”

“Were I’m going?”

“To Italy!” shouted the old man.

At night   the clock sent a sign of wake up.

“Help rat!”

In the Forest – by Rafi

Once a boy was walking through the forest with a lime-green gourd of water and a sack with bread in. Suddenly a tree fell down, then another and another! A group of tree cutters had gone overboard. He panicked but tripped and landed face first in the mud. Struggling, the boy got up then heaved himself forward. When he steadied himself he saw a cupcake. Excitedly, he scrambled like a rat towards the mountainous thing. He gobbled it up at an incredible speed. Soon afterwards the boy sauntered home as slow as a snail. About an hour later he got home and on the clock it was his dreaded time…

Amazing Youtube – by Finlay

I got the idea of Youtube when some of my friends got a channel. I asked my mum who was sitting on the brown wooden table.

She said “Yes.” I swiftly got the Ipad and then I ran to the dark birch wood hallway and made my first video a few days later.

Before I went to have breakfast, I went to the lime green device to look at myself.  After that I went to the white wooden cupboard to get a bowl, it had clocks, rats and a boat overboard. I thought it was weird but excitedly I made another video.

What Koalas Love Best – by Kyle

Nobody knows what koalas love, it was kept a secret through history.

One day Rafi was excitedly skimming the ground with his friends. He wondered what the time was. When he saw the clock he was shocked it was midnight! He walked to bed because rats were circling him.

Next morning he jumped up. Rafi ran wildly into the mist of the human world. He was next to a beach. Rafi saw a shop nearby on a boat it was fascinating there were weird green things. He tried one it was wonderful!   He fell overboard. Koalas love limes.

Challenge: Include all 5 words – Findley

One day Findley and Crab went to get a fresh juicy lime. A grey rat was hiding underneath the swing. The rat ran underneath a sparkly silver clock. Findley and Crab were overjoyed to go swimming at the lake. The grey rat followed them to the lake and Findley and Crab saw a boat sail past. The hairy rat excitedly jumped into the lake and swam to the boat. He followed the boat across the lake hungrily. He climbed up happily because he smelled food. He stuffed the lemon into his mouth. However, the captain ran down to kill the rat stealing the lemon. So the rat jumped overboard the boat.

Mischief – by Alice

One fine morning I woke up in my ship. I had lime for breakfast [like always] but when I went to see my crew, they weren’t there. Then finally I realised they were all hiding from something. So I asked, “What ‘appened”

“The monster.” They replied, trembling.


I was ready for a fight. I pulled out my sword excitedly, I couldn’t kill a monster without my sword! A rat scampered out of a clock and seemed to like me, but I hated it. I picked it up and threw it in the Pacific Ocean. “Man overboard!” I yelled and I laughed with mischief. I was always a mischievous pirate.