I looked in front and behind. Which way? – by Jemima

There was once a God Called Janus who people believed had two had two heads, but there was snow so he could not see the past! He could still see the future.

‘You will be glad for the rest of your life,’ came a sound. I looked behind me and there was me being a doctor just what I wanted to be since I was five.

Then I turned around and all the exiting times lay around. When my mum went on a honeymoon with my dad. Is it really happening at 6 :00 in the morning?

I looked in front and behind. Which way? – by Daniel

Janus was looking in front for Rome. The gates outside were closed, which meant Rome was at peace. I walked quickly to the baths with Jupiter and Mars. I asked if I could use Jupiter’s lightning bolt, it’s the key to the gate. I opened it slowly, but then suddenly I dropped the lightning bolt as Janus stormed into the doorway. Janus opened the door and I came out of Olympus and into Rome. I was a highly respected warrior in Rome for Julius Caesar but in Olympus I’m the messenger God Mercury I told Caesar then we should invade Britain.

I looked in front and behind. Which way? – by Raffy

I went to pray to the god Janus, bu instead of stepping into a temple I found myself relaxing on the hot sand when SUDDENLY there was a tow headed god, he was heading towards me it was Janus!!!

Then very strangely all the round collapst I was traped with Janus. I could here water and see light so I walked into the waterfall which said past. I soon found myself now seaing my dead mother alive then dieing I had too much money it hurt. Sadly I was was home.

I went to the gods and prayed.

I looked in front and behind. Which way? -by Alice

I was about to open the door that lead to a treasure, but I knew there was somebody behind me. I didn’t do anything when I found out there was something behind me. Then I turned around to see Janus staring disappointed. Actually, he wasn’t staring at me, he was staring at something else. I turned round to see the door open. Romans playing with riches and jewels there were. But when they saw Janus, they instantly stormed out of the room unhappily. There were two Romans, one Roman looked into the future, the other in the past. One of Janus’ heads liked me, the other didn’t.

I looked in front and behind. Which way? – by Kyle

I found myself in the middle of a rusty old dustbin. Suddenly I fell into a gateway. The gate was glimmering. I slowly turned to look. On the other side there was a dazzling gate in front of me. Then the gates started clanging at their locks madly. The gates slowly opened, it was an amazing sight. Behind the gates was a fountain. I looked at the bottom of the fountain it was my past. It was the happy times of my life like when I ate a yummy hot dog or when I went to the cinema to watch my favourite film. I rushed to go through the other gate, it showed the future…

I looked in front and behind. Which way? -by Finlay

At night I heard a rattling sound so I was ultra-terrified. Then I realised It was was Janus I wasn’t scared anymore. I came to have a look at the two headed monster I was squinting through the bushes.

Suddenly He turned round and I ducked as quickly as I could. After that I was quiet as a mouse and he went back to what he was doing I was super relieved!

Slowly I came to have another look and then I saw myself in the future I was much older than original. After that I looked the other way and I was a baby.

I looked in front and behind. Which way? – by Aaron

One lightning-struck night on the first of January, there I stood relaxing looking both in front and behind. Which way?

I stood on the main gate, keeping out intruders and letting in visitors. I started getting bored. I had been on the gates for about 5,000 years. There was a massive tough army at the gate. I told them to leave so They set off.

Bravely, they came back half an hour later camouflaged so I let them in. Next I heard the sound of screaming. I was the intruder. They were kidnapping everyone! So I ran quickly off the gate and fought. We won eventually, we were delighted!

I looked in front and behind. Which way? -by Amelia

I stepped out of the house and looked left and right. On the left of me I saw a man who looked just like me but was older and was holding a walking stick. When I looked right I saw a man who also looked like me but he was young and had a welcoming smile on his face. I walked down the road and I saw a door so I walked into it. There were some red metal stairs leading left and right. Firstly I went up the stairs that led to the right there was a small window to look out. When I looked out of it I could see into the past.

I looked in front and behind. Which way? – by Harold

I stepped out of my back door , the moon was out but on the right there was myself as a young man, but on the left there was an old beggar. Was this my past and my future? Why could I see this?

I had so many questions that day.

I quickly rushed inside to tell Caesar but he had disappeared. Had I gone into the future?

Outside I heard a muffled laugh, like someone had been killed, they and only they had stabbed them. I rapidly turned around. There was blood on the floor. This was weird, someone had been killed.

Suddenly I remembered. It must have been sinful Brutus.

I looked in front and behind. Which way? – by Rachel

Late in the night there was a girl. She needed to move to a new house in the morning they went in their car, to the house were they saw a small door. She went to the door and opened it.

She popped her head though and it was light and bright. The girl fell into the hall and saw two doors that were from the past and farther. Opening the future’s door, she saw herself but much older. When the girl went back she opened the door to the past and saw here self when she was a baby. The baby looked the same as her.

She was confused!